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We all have aches and pains from time to time: Minor arthritis muscle strain, and joint sprains, but finding a safe and effective pain reliever can be difficult.  Introducing Dr. Harvey’s Orthopedic, total orthopedic, total pain relief cream, the only natural pain relief cream developed by an orthopedic surgeon.  It was tested on thousands of patients.  Doctor Harvey’s unique combination of analgesics and herbal ingredients provide deep, long lasting pain relief. 

Just a small amount of Dr. Harvey’s cream, rubbed into the skin safely, reduces pain and increases range of motion.  It’s the most effective and safest alternative to oral pain drugs and it’s recommended by doctors more than all other pain relief creams combined.  Use it for arthritis, back and neck pain, tendonitis, and common sprains. There are no unpleasant  menthol odors.  Call 1-800-548-1665 and start managing your pain the safe and effective way.


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